Hi! My name is Mike Desjardins, and I make video games!

I'm a resourceful jack of all trades, my passion has always been making video games.

I use to create games as well as assets for other game developers.

Things I Do - view LinkedIn for more details

Freelance Game Developer

Unity3D Game Programmer

I've done freelance game development work for Karman Interactive as well as technical review work for a Unity3D book being published by No Starch Press. I'm always looking for freelance work, feel free to contact me with any questions.

Ottawa Game Jam

Co-Founder & Go To Guy

I'm a co-founder of the Ottawa Game Jam. We host an anual event where game developers come together to make games for an entire weekend. My role is to keep the momentum going through social media, build relationships with potential sponsors to help fund the event, handle all funds for the organization, and ultimately be the go to guy if anything needs to get done!

Unity Asset Publisher

As an asset publisher in the Unity Asset Store I'm responsible for maintaining my assets by proving users with updates as well as any bug fixes. I handle all e-mails professionally and keep them as a top priority. I take great pride in knowing that my users get the best service possible. I do daily marketing on my assets through social media to provide existing users with updates on new features or possible new users with sales. My most successful asset, Breadcrumb Ai, which held the #1 top paid spot in the asset store for a number of days.

TheMeatly Games

Co-Founder & Lead Programmer

I do all programming for our games as well as brainstorm new game design ideas with my partner. Our first title MeatSlayer: Dash or Death is expected to be released summer of 2015.

Hidden Lanterns

Co-Founder & Lead Programmer

Unannounced studio with unannounced game(s).

Ottawa Unity User Group


As co-organizer I help out with venue, topics and speakers for the monthly event. I also help out with Social Media.

Games I've Worked On

Game: PCH Lotto Blast

Client: Karman Interactive

Work: I worked on implementing a ‘rate us’ pop up which would ask the player to rate the game from 1-5 stars. I also worked on implementing a scratch card minigame that could be launched from anywhere within the game.

Games I'm Working On

Game: MeatSlayer: Dash or Death

Studio: TheMeatly Games

Info: MeatSlayer: Dash or Death is an endless runner mobile game. MeatSlayer has some platform style features such as Bosses and the ability to go either left or right on the fly. MeatSlayer is coming soon late Summer 2015!

Games I've Made

Game: Teleportals

Studio: None

Info: Teleportals was just a fun game I made after I finished a simple prototype one evening. Much like the game Portal, you need to get from point A to point B by solving the puzzle using two portals.

Game: Breadcrumb Ai Demo

Studio: None

Info: This demo was created using my Unity Asset 'Breadcrumb Ai'. It was designed simply to show what the Ai system is capable of.

Game Jam Games

Game: theMeatly.Destroy(baddies);

GameJam: meatlyJam

Info: A simple game I put together for theMeatly gamejam. Endless bad guys spawn and you have to swing your sword to kill them. Art and Music provided by our studio TheMeatly Games.

Game: Cuboom

GameJam: Ottawa Game Jam

Info: As a founder of OJam I was doing a night shift to watch all of our jammers make games. Late into the night I decided to make a game myself. Cuboom was born in a few hours of dedication. Point of the game is to simply survive, there's no winning. However it's a two player game so technically who ever dies first is the loser.

Game: Wingmania

GameJam: Ottawa Game Jam

Info: Wingmania was my second game I made at OJam while watching our jammers work. This is a single player game where you have two wingmen that follow you. You can send them out to hunt enemies for 3 seconds then they will return to you. You can win if you kill enough enemies, but if your wingmen die, you will become overwhelmed and ultimately lose.

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Mike Desjardins


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